The Fireplace & BBQ Center also offers services on wood burning stoves and fireplaces, we offer chimney cleaning, blower repair installation, refractory replacement, chimney caps/screens, chase pans, and we offer a lifetime warranty grate to allow your wood burning fireplace to work at its maximum efficiency. 


RSF Fireplaces

Classic elegance and modern performance.

Behind the elegantly shaped doors of the Opel burns a fire thatreflects the traditions of our ancestors. Yet this is no ordinary fire.

This fire yields low emissions, overnight burns, and efficiency on par with most basement furnaces.



No other hearth manufacturer in North America has perfected the art of wood to the level that Napoleon® has. Years of research, strictquality testing and patented wood burning technology have surpassed critical standards, providing you with the cleanest, most efficient wood burning products. Napoleon's wood burning fireplaces exceed EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards substantially making a difference in keeping our environment clean.