Lifetime Grate

The Lifetime Grate is made of 1"wide steel bars which creates a cradle of support for holding your wood and coals. Customers choose this grate over the competition, because it is the last grate they will ever buy. All grates are made of the finest steel to with stand intense heat and everyday usage, which is why the Lifetime Grate is guaranteed by the factory not to burn out for a lifetime. The Lifetime Grates are shaped to fit most fireplaces and comes in many sizes, with the availability of custom sizes as well.


EMBERAIRE-600x600 copy.png

The Emberaire Wood or Gas Log Hearth Heater is made to fit most fireplaces and can be used with most glass doors. The exchanger tube is made from a Titanium Alloy for a very long life. The Emberaire can be installed with the cord on the left or right and can deliver up to 28,000 BTUs.